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What is the difference between the Reserve Room and Cult Lounge?

Reserve Room is for wines priced at $40-90. Cult lounge is for wines priced at $90 and up.

What types of wineries can participate in this event?

As this event is hosted by a non-profit, both type 02 AND 17/20 licenses may participate. Please note that when you register you are agreeing to be a “volunteer” for our charity partner, One Brick; your only volunteer requirement is pouring your wine at the event.

Can I sell wine at the event?

Yes, you can sell wine at the event. However, no actual product can be handed over to consumers at the event. Sales can happen via order form, website, or using the square app but must be fulfilled after the event.

What does SF Vintners Market offer me as a participating winery?

We offer you one eight foot table with black linen, sign, spit bucket, tub of ice for chilling wines, and two chairs. You will also receive two commemorative branded tasting glasses for the weekend. Additionally, electrical power is available at an additional fee. We offer you the ability to reach 1,600+ new consumers by bringing your tasting room to the city for the weekend.

What are the event tasting hours?

The event will take place Friday and Saturday evenings from 5:30-9:30pm.

When do I set up my tasting table?

Load-in and set-up will take place on Friday in the early afternoon.

Do you give me customer contact information?

We do not share customer contact information. You are, however, free to get creative with capturing customer information at your table.

How secure is my table while I am away for the evening?

There will be security on-site from Friday morning to Saturday night, including overnight, providing 24 hour coverage. However, we are not responsible for your product during the hours of the event while consumers are in the building. You should be at your table monitoring your product during event hours.

Do you provide my table with tasting glasses?

Yes, we provide each winery with two tasting glasses for the weekend.

Does my registration include entrance for my staff?

Yes, registration includes four (4) vendor wristbands for your staff. Please contact us if you need more.

How much product will I pour?

We recommend ½ ounces per pour, but cannot tell you exactly how much wine you will pour through.

I have other questions, who can I contact?

Contact: bridget@sfvintnersmarket.com