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San Francisco Vintners Market Nov. 4-5 Supports Napa/Sonoma Fire Relief

San Francisco Vintners Market Nov. 4-5 Supports Napa/Sonoma Fire Relief

San Francisco Vintners Market 

San Francisco Vintners Market holds our 16th event at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, Nov. 4-5. We extend our heartfelt sympathy and thoughts to all our friends and colleagues in wine country who have been affected by the fires.

In these challenging times, we want you to know:

Our event is still on and more important than ever. We have been supporting family-owned wineries since 2010, and the San Francisco Vintners Market, which regularly draws up to 7,000 attendees over a weekend, is a farmers market for wineries. The most important way to support winemakers is to buy their wine.  

Your participation is critical. We need your participation to spread the word. Without our winery partners we would not exist. Not only is the San Francisco Vintners Market a venue for sales and orders, this year there is no better way to spread the word that the Northern California wine industry is standing strong. 100 percent of all wine sales accrue directly to the selling winery.

We are united to help those impacted. Producers large and small need our support during these difficult times and we would like to do our part to help.

San Francisco Vintners Market will donate 50% of ongoing Sunday tickets (Nov. 5) to the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.

To get the ball rolling, we have made an initial donation of $1,000 to the fund.

Please spread the word to wineries and wine lovers around the region that the Nov. 4-5 San Francisco Vintners Market event at Fort Mason is NOT CANCELLED, and that we hope they join us at the event.   

Many wineries receive a large percentage of their Holiday sales beginning with our annual November event. We hope to outperform past events and need your help to ensure a successful event for all involved.

If you are a winery and would like to participate in the event, please visit www.sfvintnersmarket.com to register, or contact Tamara at tamara@firewatermedia.com.

Please share the link below so your friends and fans can purchase tickets for the event.


San Francisco Vintners Market
Fort Mason Festival Pavilion

San Francisco Vintners Market is the first and only farmer’s market in the U.S. created especially for wineries. Founded in 2010 as a way for winemakers to connect with wine lovers to sell wine directly to consumer and trade buyers.

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